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Everything is OK, thanks to MaxSea which made me avoid blocking areas, not well lit along the Spanish coasts and last night after a 600 milesrun in 72 hours from El Jadida, at an average of 8.5 knots per hour (pretty good for a Sunshine 38!), we landed by night in neck and neck, hardly lit by small lights working from time to time: Puerto de Cabo de Palos, east from Carthaginian. Blind anchoring 50m away from the rocks with a tricky sounder, thanks to MaxSea! Best Regards and good luck for the Boat Show!Pascal
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The Kokomo, beautiful sailing yacht for New-Zealand

The Kokomo, beautiful 170 feet (52 meters) yacht sails with the help of MaxSea. For info, the yacht came out this year from the famous new-zealander shipyard ALLOY YACHTS.  
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Raphaël, Captain of a Super Yacht & Friend of MaxSea

Fred met Raphaël, captain of a Super Yacht (boat built by the shipyard Rodriguez). Raphaël uses a portable GPS and a laptop on which he has MaxSea. He explains that the boat is so fast that he doesn't have time to work on paper charts and adds that MaxSea is an essential tool for him now!
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