MaxSea on the Lake Geneva

The General Navigation Company on the Lake Geneva is equipped with MaxSea software. The fleet is made out of steam boat "Edwardian Era", diesel electric boats and modern boats. MaxSea can be found on the navigation bridge of 4 of them. Original fact: pictures of MaxSea are displayed on screens in the passenger area, allowing them to follow the navigation.    
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The "Blue & Gold Fleet" navigate with MaxSea

In the San Francisco bay (USA), the "Blue & Gold Fleet" ferries propose different types of day tours in order to discover the mythical spots such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz. 14 of these ferries navigate with the help of MaxSea. They enjoy especially MaxSea's AIS module.  
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The oil tanker Anatife equipped with MaxSea Software

41,50 meters long, Anatife oil tanker is intended to supply the island of Yeu and Belle-Île. It can carry more than 300 cube meters of fuel. This tanker is equipped with MaxSea software.
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