MaxSea Time Zero tested in navigation conditions

Monday 1st of April will remain a very important day for MaxSea team. After long months, investigating and working, we tested for the first time our new MaxSea Time Zero in navigation conditions at La Rochelle. In this occasion, Harmony shipyard lent us a 38 feet boat and with 20 – 25 knots and good weather, the final result of this test is very positive. At only 2 weeks of the official launch of the software, we are now impatient that you could test by yourself…
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Free weather forecasts in MaxSea

Many sailors choose MaxSea for its weather options. MaxSea allows you to receive free ans unlimited weather forecasts and to access oceanic conditions around the worls, 24 hours a day.With MaxSea Chopper, send your request and receive a Grib file back by email (with satellite phone, iridium, GSM...): weather charts will overlay your own marine charts. Today, new technologies such as GPRS or WIFI allow any sailor to access the weather forecasts.To give you an idea, there are about 1500 weather requests a day!  
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MaxSea, partner of the MACIF Sailing Center

MACIF Sailing Centre its 350 training courses a year, 1850 trainees, 9 boat sailing around 6000 miles a year, 17 trainers and many foreign destinations (Croatia, Cyclades, Jasmine Route, Bay of Biscay, Connemara, Grenadines, Virgin Islands...). Now, MaxSea and the MACIF collaborate, allowing the training centre to use navigation software and demonstrate it to the trainees. Why did the MACIF choose MaxSea? "Our choice in favour of MaxSea is based on the fact that it can overlay weather information on top of marine charts.... [Lire la suite]
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MaxSea present at the professionnal exhibition of SINAVAL (Bilbao, Spain)

Yannick, MaxSea area manager, was present at SINAVAL exhibition in Bilbao (Spain), from Thursday 24th until Sunday January 27th. MaxSea was present on the FURUNO/NAUTICAL stand (commercial partners in Spain), if you are around, come for a demo of MaxSea software (Professional fishing version)...
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London Boat Show

Fred, area manager at MaxSea, is present at the London Boat Show on Cactus booth (S082), one of our MaxSea dealers. It represent, for us, the launch of MaxSea Easy in England... The show started Friday January 5th and lasts until Sunday January 14th. If you are coming to London, don't hesitate to drop by and chat with Fred.       
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MaxSea, official supplier of the Britanny Sailing Tour

During the Paris Boat Show, I was invited to the presentation of the 6th Britanny Sailing Tour.For this new edition, 2 major events:- the Figarists will race 2 nights legs (among the 6 legs of the race)- the Tour will make a detour by the Loire Atlantique, the southest spot the Tour has ever reached... MaxSea is a partner in this race, a classic among the Figaro Bénéteau tour.  
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The "Recouvrance" & MaxSea

The "Recouvrance", symbolic schooner ambassadress of the city of Brest (France), owe its name to the most popular district of the city: where the ladies prayed Holy mother to find their sons or husbands gone to sea. It's a copy of a military boat of the beginning of the last century, which was dedicated to carry important letters and notices. It was then dedicated to supervision and protection of trade on African Coasts and West Indies.You can now organize cruising, special events on this exceptional schooner! Look at the... [Lire la suite]
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The "Sun 21" solar boat equipped with MaxSea software

Sun instead of diesel The "Sun 21" measures 14 meters long and 6 meters wide. Equipped with solar panels, batteries and electric engines, the catamaran moves without using once of fuel. Gone frome Seville last november for a 12 900 km crossing (medium speed around 5 to 6 knots), it will stop over at the Canary Islands and Cape Verde then head to Florida. It will finally follow the North American coast to reach New York in May 2007. Thanks to this new record, the originators of the "Sun 21" want ti... [Lire la suite]
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MaxSea, official supplier of Raphaëla Le Gouvello

While giving away the donation to the SNSM (national company of sea rescue), on Tuesday December 5th on our booth at the Paris Boat Show, we had the chance to chat with Raphaëla Le Gouvello (picture of Brice, president of MaxSea and Raphaëla). After crossing the Atlantic ocean in 2000, the Mediterranean Sea in 2002, the Pacific Ocean in 2003 and the Indian Ocean in 2006 on board her mythical sailboard, Raphaëla is gone for a new challenge: a round trip around Brittany with her sailboard, with stops at around 25 cities,... [Lire la suite]
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MaxSea made a donation to the SNSM

Tuesday Decembre 5th at 5 :00 , Brice Pryszo, president of MaxSea International gave the National Company of Sea Rescue (SNSM) a cheque of 8000€.
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