Free weather forecasts in MaxSea

Many sailors choose MaxSea for its weather options. MaxSea allows you to receive free ans unlimited weather forecasts and to access oceanic conditions around the worls, 24 hours a day.With MaxSea Chopper, send your request and receive a Grib file back by email (with satellite phone, iridium, GSM...): weather charts will overlay your own marine charts. Today, new technologies such as GPRS or WIFI allow any sailor to access the weather forecasts.To give you an idea, there are about 1500 weather requests a day!  
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MaxSea, partner of the MACIF Sailing Center

MACIF Sailing Centre its 350 training courses a year, 1850 trainees, 9 boat sailing around 6000 miles a year, 17 trainers and many foreign destinations (Croatia, Cyclades, Jasmine Route, Bay of Biscay, Connemara, Grenadines, Virgin Islands...). Now, MaxSea and the MACIF collaborate, allowing the training centre to use navigation software and demonstrate it to the trainees. Why did the MACIF choose MaxSea? "Our choice in favour of MaxSea is based on the fact that it can overlay weather information on top of marine charts.... [Lire la suite]
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Training session for MaxSea dealers in Quiberon (France)

Since we are partners, the Ecole Nationale de Voile (national sailing school) opened their doors to us in order to organize a training session for our French dealers (Atlantic & Manche). This session was held Tuesday 30th & Wednesday January 31st, in Quiberon (France).Thierry (training manager) and Yannick (area manager) welcomed 40 dealers who were able to update their knowledge on MaxSea (Sailing & Fishing markets).  
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